Carrie Underwood Crashes Her Favorite Artist’s Concert In The Best Way Possible

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In recent weeks, the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville has been packed full of cheering hockey fans. The Nashville Predators are currently working their way toward the Stanley Cup Finals, which they have never been to before.

But on Wednesday night (May 17), the arena was filled with a bunch of people who wanted to hear some good music from one of the best boy bands of all time. That band was none other than New Kids on the Block, who happens to have a big fan in the country music industry.

Believe it or not, Carrie Underwood is a huge NKOTB fan. So when she heard that the guys were coming to Nashville, she knew that she had to check out their show.

Underwood couldn’t contain her excitement, so she decided to share it with her fans on social media. She shared a few videos from the concert, including one that proved how long she’s been a fan of NKOTB.

And I’m instantly back in 6th grade,” she wrote in a caption to the video.

But Underwood wasn’t just a spectator at the concert. In a moment that thrilled everyone in attendance, Underwood interrupted NKOTB’s concert to join them on stage. But she had a special reason for doing so. It turns out that two of the members were celebrating their recent birthdays, and Underwood was kind enough to sing to them!

Underwood encouraged the crowd to sing along with her as she broke out into her stunning “Happy Birthday” serenade. Despite her instruction, only a few fans could be heard singing with her. This is something that one of the NKOTB members noted, saying that they didn’t want to sing because they wanted to listen to Underwood!

We can’t blame them, because Underwood can make even a simple song like “Happy Birthday” sound like a work of art.

But Underwood’s moment on stage didn’t end there. To show their appreciation for her years of support, the guys in NKOTB decided to sing their own rendition of “Happy Birthday” to Underwood. Although Underwood’s birthday was in March, we’re sure she didn’t mind!

Go ahead and tune in below to watch both of the birthday serenades. We wish we could have been there!