Carrie Underwood & Keith Urban Ignite Grammys Stage With Fiery Duet

Reuters via CNN

For country fans who tuned into the Grammy Awards on Sunday (February 12), one of the most highly-anticipated performances of the night was Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood‘s duet on their new single, “The Fighter.” It turns out that all of the anticipation was worth it, because their performance ended up being one of the best of the night.

A press release issued in January confirmed that Urban and Underwood would be performing at the Grammys together. It was later confirmed that Urban and Underwood would perform their duet “The Fighter,” which was released as the fifth single off of Urban’s Grammy-nominated album Ripcord.

Although “The Fighter” wasn’t released as a single until February 6, it was already well-known by many country fans. This is due in large part to the viral video that shows Urban and his wife, Nicole Kidman, lip syncing along to a recording of the song while it played in the car. As of press time, that video has nearly 58 million views on Facebook alone.

“The Fighter” has already climbed as high as the 11th spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and has reached the 69th spot on the Billboard Hot 100. After Urban and Underwood’s fiery performance of the song at the Grammys, the song is sure to soar up both charts even higher.

Urban opened the duo’s performance at the Grammys by standing out on stage alone. Surrounded by a cage-like structure of lights, Urban kicked off the performance by jamming out on his guitar. Underwood eventually walked out to join him, and the crowd went wild as soon as she appeared on the stage.

The two ended up igniting the stage with their passion and energy, which filled up the entire room. You could tell from the way the crowd reacted to their performance that it was a big hit with everyone there!

You really missed something spectacular if you didn’t tune in to the Grammys. But don’t worry, we have part Urban and Underwood’s performance right here for you! Scroll down below to catch the clip.

While you’re at it, enjoy the newly-released music video for “The Fighter.” Urban and Underwood debuted the video right before the Grammys aired, and country fans can’t get enough of it. The video shows Urban and Underwood in a boxing ring-style setup, as the two playfully sing to one another and dance around. Be sure to tune in to that video below as well.

After all of this, we’d say that Urban and Underwood may have their next big hit on their hands!