P!nk Falls To Ground In Awe After Singing Duet With Chris Stapleton

A Pop Star’s Country Collaboration In April, pop star P!nk released her latest album, Hurts 2B Human, to much critical acclaim. The album was also well-received by listeners, who helped send it to the top spot of the Billboard 200 albums chart. It’s an album that most country fans ordinarily wouldn’t have paid much attention […] More

Father-Daughter Duo Crush Insane “Shallow” Duet

There are many ways a father and daughter can bond – through ice cream dates, sports practice, and even homework! But one daddy-daughter duo is taking their bonding to a whole new level with their mind-blowing cover of one of music’s most popular songs. A Star Is Born 14-year-old Autumn Gillispie and her dad Randy […] More

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