Kenny Chesney & Uncle Kracker Sing “You Never Even Called Me By My Name” At 2011 Concert

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Country fans know that Kenny Chesney and Uncle Kracker make a great team.

This is something they proved with their 2004 single, “When the Sun Goes Down,” which was a number one hit on the country charts and a crossover success.

But Chesney and Kracker’s collaborations didn’t end there.

During a concert in 2011, these two fun-loving artists came together once again for another epic duet, this time on a country classic. And the classic song they sang was one Chesney also performed during another concert with Kid Rock…”You Never Even Called Me by My Name.”

Released in 1975, “You Never Even Called Me by My Name” was David Allan Coe‘s first Top 10 hit. The song has since gone one to become a outlaw country anthem, and you can hear plenty of country fans singing it loud and proud whenever it comes on the radio.

So you can bet when Chesney and Kracker broke out into “You Never Even Called Me by My Name” in the middle of a concert, everyone in the crowd was singing along. Chesney started off singing first, before Kracker took over on the second verse.

You could tell that Chesney and Kracker were both having a blast, and when they weren’t singing they could be seen talking and laughing with one another. At one point in time, a fan threw a bra up on stage, and Chesney ran over to one of his band members and put it over his head!

The crowd had fun, Chesney and Kracker had fun, and you’ll have fun watching them sing this country classic. Check their performance out in the video below.

We can never get tired of watching these two sing together. It’s about time they do another duet, don’t you think?