Carrie Underwood Soars Over Stage On A Swing In Teaser For Upcoming Music Video

Carrie Underwood / Instagram

Carrie Underwood released her latest single, “Ghost Story,” in March. The song is her first release off of her upcoming album, Denim & Rhinestones.

Underwood performed “Ghost Story” live at two awards shows after its release: the Grammys and the CMT Music Awards. Both performances were spectacular, but Underwood’s CMT Music Awards performance was truly next-level.

The pretaped performance was filmed at Resorts World Las Vegas, where Underwood’s Reflection residency is held. Viewers were amazed when Underwood ended the song by performing a few acrobatic stunts in a set of aerial silks.

Now, Underwood is gearing up to release the official music video for “Ghost Story.” The full video will be released on Friday (April 29), but Underwood did share a teaser clip you can watch now.

Once again, it appears Underwood is taking things to new heights with the “Ghost Story” music video. The teaser clip shows her on a large swing above a stage while an adoring crowd applauds for her.

The clip then flashes to show an empty swing and an empty theater, except for one man who buries his head in his hands as he watches the swing move back and forth.

If you’ve heard “Ghost Story” before, you know the song tells the story of a wronged woman who says she’ll be “haunting” the man she once loved, leaving him “wanting” her. The teaser clip Underwood shared shows how the music video will play off of that theme.

You can watch the teaser for the “Ghost Story” music video below. Fans can’t wait to see the full video when it’s released!