Dad Catches Foul Ball While Bottle Feeding Baby

Cincinnati Reds / Twitter

A super dad moment unfolded for all baseball fans to see on Tuesday night during the Padres vs. Reds game when a father caught a foul ball while he was feeding his baby.

The incredible moment was captured on video at Cincinnati, Ohio’s Great America Ball Park during the fifth inning as San Diego’s Luis Campusano hit a foul ball in the direction of the third baseline.

The Reds went for the catch but it was way too far out of bounds and landed in the stands, ricocheting off some seats before making a direct beeline for the father holding his child.

He was already holding a bottle in the baby’s mouth with one hand and reached up with the other to catch the ball bare-handed.

He even caught it sitting down in his seat and with others trying to reach for the ball and snagged the souvenir.

The dad didn’t spill a drop of milk, nor disturb the baby in any way.

Everyone in the stadium was watching and cheering for the father in shock that he was able to catch the ball while multitasking.

“Nice job!” one of the announcers said. “Holds the bottle, no spillage! Baby in perfect bliss!”

Watch The Shocking Footage Below