Chely Wright’s “Single White Female” Video Has The ’90s Written All Over It

ChelyWrightVEVO YouTube Channel

Country music singer Chely Wright has been showcasing her beautiful vocal talent from the young age of 11, later making her album debut in 1994 and being the ACM’s Top New Female Vocalist in 1995.

While she went on to not only write highly successful songs for artists such as Brad Paisley, Richard Marx, and Mindy Smith, it was her hit “Single White Female” that has continued to transcend time!

Not only does this single embody a heartwarming and incredible innocent story of love at first sight, but Wright’s music video is absolutely everything you remember about the nineties!

Taking place on a typical form of transportation, the city bus, a “single white female” catches the glimpse of an attractive young man and desperately wishes for him to make the first move!

Of course, no ’90s video is complete without braided chokers, strappy heels, and that fashion don’t of blue eyeshadow! Fortunately, this video captures it all, in addition to Wright’s sensational vocals!

Check out the blast from the past below and tell us what you think!