Chip Gaines Finally Cuts His Hair – See His New Look

Chip Gaines / Instagram

In recent months, fans have noticed that Chip Gaines’ hair keeps getting longer and longer.


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Not only did fans notice the hair, they have been pretty vocal about not hating it. Chip is well aware of people’s feelings towards his long locks, so when he revealed he would be cutting it, he made sure to take advantage of everyone’s feelings.

Magnolia’s official Instagram page revealed the news with a montage of great moments with Chip’s hair.

It grew on us too, @chipgaines, but it’s time for the hair to go. Chip’s challenging us to raise a ton of money for the kids over @ St. Jude by THIS Friday—and he’s donating his hair to [the organization] Children With Hair Loss.”


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On his own Instagram stories, he wrote, “‘Donate $35 if you love my flowing hair, but think it’s time for a trim.”

The next slide read, “Donate $50 if you just don’t like my hair, period.”

Finally, he wrote, “Donate $100 if you truly, unapologetically sincerely hate my hair.”

Each slide had a link to donate to St. Jude’s in honor of him cutting his hair off. Chip himself also posted the same video to his page and said, “WOW.. turns out some of y’all really don’t like my hair! But I can take it because I’ve been growing it out for a good reason. So now’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is.. I’m going to cut my hair, and I’m asking you to cut a check—and let’s see if we can raise a boatload of money for the kids at @stjude. The hair’s coming off on Friday, but between now and then, let’s chip in together for a good cause. And when it’s all said and done, I’ll donate my hair to @cwhl_org.

If you are interested in donating to the cause, you can do so here. His initial goal was $100,000 and just three hours after the link went live, donations were at almost $25,000! By Friday at 11:30am CST, he raised $317,567 and counting!


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Friday came around and Chip revealed footage of his haircut. Not only did he cut his hair, he went completely bald! Because he was donating his hair to be made into a wig for kids with cancer, he went bald to experience things the way they do.

His hair was put into little ponytails and his wife, Joanna, cut those big chunks off! Watch the full haircut in the video below!