Church Brought To Tears When US Marine Surprises Parents During Service

DavidsonProd / YouTube

Dave Woodruff, a U.S. Marine hailing from Deville, New Jersey gave his parents a heartwarming surprise after being gone for many months serving the country.

He had been away for two years and was currently stationed in Spain for eight months. However,  with his deployment being cut short, he wanted to do something special that his parents, family, and community would never forget.

DavidsonProd / YouTube

He knew his parents regularly attended the Christ the King Congregation Church and had some friends that helped him set up the surprise. At the end of the service, the pastor said they were going to play a video for the church and then everyone could leave.

“We have a little treat before I dismiss everyone,” the pastor said in the video.

When the pastor pressed play, Dave came on the screen and explained how much he missed everyone back home and how he wanted to wish his dad a happy early birthday.

He told his dad he would be there sooner than they expected and at the end of the video, he told everyone in the congregation to turn around. WA-BAM, there he was.

DavidsonProd / YouTube

His mom began to cry tears of joy and ran to him with her arms open. His father smiled from ear to ear so glad to be seeing his son in person after being separated for so long.

Everyone in the congregation was smiling and you could tell their hearts were lit up.

Watch Footage Of The Heartwarming Moment Below