Country Radio Host Helps Raise $20,000 For Wounded Marine Bones Twitter

Since he made it big, country radio host Bobby Bones never misses a chance to give back in any way, shape or form.

Every year during the first week of March, he and his morning show co-hosts put on something called Joy Week. Artists from all over are invited to perform live on the radio and spread joy, in conjunction with a movement his co-host, Amy, started called Pimpin’ Joy.

The point of Pimpin’ Joy is to choose joy, even when you are faced with a heartbreaking tragedy. Amy’s mom has beaten cancer once before and she is currently battling another form, but even in her worst health, she stays positive and still spreads happiness to her family and friends.

This motivated Amy, and even Bobby Bones to also spread happiness. In their latest good deed, they are spreading a little bit more than just joy.

On July 11, former Marine Kirstie Ennis called into the show to tell her story after Bones had heard about her through friends.

She entered the Marines at 17-years-old and became a helicopter door gunner for the entire six years she served. She was in a helicopter crash and suffered several injuries including spine damage, traumatic brain injury, damage to her eyes, ears, and arms, and lost her left leg above the knee.

After hearing her story, Bones told Ennis that he wanted to help her get a track chair, which is an electric wheelchair with tracks like a tank that can get you through any terrain.

He announced that the show had t-shirts that said “America Strong” and all the proceeds would go to Ennis. To be able to buy her the track chair, they needed to raise $15,000 and Bones helped raise $20,000!

In an Instagram post, Bones thanked his audience.

“This is why you are the greatest listeners in the world. We’ll be able to buy Marine Kirstie a track chair after she lost her leg [because] of you,” he wrote.

The most amazing thing about this is that it happened in one week! On July 18, Bones checked back in with Ennis.

Listen to the first interview below.

Because the chair costs $15,000, Bones donated the extra $5,000 to Ennis for medical bills. Listen to Ennis’ tearful reaction to the $20,000 below.