Country Singer’s Tribute To Late Father Brings AGT Audience To Tears

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Meet Country Singer Mitch Rossell, Whose Music You’ve Likely Heard Already

Whether you were aware of it or not, you’ve likely heard Mitch Rossell’s music before. Garth Brooks recorded several songs written by Rossell, including “Ask Me How I Know,” which became a #1 hit.

Another Rossell-penned song, “Dive Bar,” was recorded as a duet between Brooks and Blake Shelton.

Brooks gushed about Rossell and other young country artists in a 2017 interview with Billboard. He said:

“These are the people who plant the seeds. So if you give a damn about tomorrow, you gotta take care of these people — and we’re in good hands. Country music is in great hands, because the talent of these young guys, especially songwriters, is phenomenal.”

Country Singer Mitch Rossell Lost His Father At A Young Age In A “Freak Accident”

Rossell further showcased his talent as a songwriter and performer when he auditioned for the 2023 season of America’s Got Talent. He performed an original song, titled “Son,” which serves as a tribute to his father.

As Rossell explained before his audition, his dad was the one who encouraged him to sing. He saved money to buy him a guitar as a kid, though Rossell was more into sports at the time.

Sadly, Rossell was only ten years old when his dad was killed in a drunk driving incident. In a “freak accident,” a drunk driver struck a car driven by Rossell’s grandfather, and his grandfather crashed into another vehicle driven by Rosell’s dad (his grandmother-in-law was also in that car).

All three of Rossell’s family members died.

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AGT Audience & Judges Moved By Mitch Rossell’s Emotional Original Song In Honor Of His Dad

After losing his dad, Rossell picked up the guitar and started performing in his honor. He wrote “Son” for him, as he describes all the life events his dad missed out on…including the birth of his own son.

Rossell’s emotional performance on AGT moved the audience to tears. The judges were equally touched, and let Rossell know how impactful his performance was.

You wrote a beautiful song there,” said Heidi Klum. “I feel like everyone in this room was feeling everything you were singing.”

Rossell also received great praise from Simon Cowell, who said:

It was a compliment you could hear a pin drop during the entire performance. And it was sincere. I really really think people are going to connect with you, the song. This was a great audition. Brilliant.”

All four judges voted to send Rossell to the next phase of the competition. Head below to watch his emotional audition and learn more about his story.