CMA FEST 2010: Kellie Pickler Babysits For Blake Shelton

CMA Country Music Association / YouTube

In the whirlwind world of country music, you never know what surprises await. And back in 2010, during the star-studded CMA Fest, two beloved artists found themselves in a situation that left fans buzzing with curiosity. Yes, I’m talking about the charming Kellie Pickler and the hilarious Blake Shelton moment.

Picture this: Kellie Pickler, with her trademark warmth and down-to-earth personality, was getting ready before a performance and was surprised when she heard someone at the door of her tour bus.

It was Blake Shelton, he strolled in with not one, but two dogs in his hands. Turns out, these furry friends belonged to his then-wife, the talented Miranda Lambert, and he needed a favor from Kellie.

“Hey, Kellie! You’re amazing, and I have a little favor to ask,” Blake casually said. “Would you mind babysitting Miranda’s dogs for me while I go on stage?” Kellie, never one to shy away from an adventure, responded with an enthusiastic “Absolutely!”

With that simple exchange, the stage was set for an unexpected dog-sitting gig that would leave fans both amused and curious. Blake carefully placed the dogs on the bus floor, allowing them to explore their temporary domain.

Pointing to one of the pups, he casually mentioned, “That’s from Sonic.” But then, pointing to another, he said, “That one, I don’t think is going to live too much longer.”

As Kellie prepared to take on her newfound responsibility, Blake had one more request up his sleeve. Suddenly, Blake’s tone shifted as he mentioned his mom, who was waiting just behind him at the entrance to the tour bus.

Blake turned to Kellie, a glimmer of concern in his eyes, and said, “Oh, by the way, can you keep an eye on my mom too?”¬†As Blake led his mom onto the bus, Kellie hesitated for a moment before accepting the challenge, knowing she couldn’t let him down.

Amidst the laughter and warm embraces, Kellie promised Blake that she would take care of his mom, ensuring him that she had water and would even take his mom out for a bathroom break like the dogs. With a humorous worried look, Kellie glanced towards the camera one last time before it cut off, leaving fans eager for more.

But let’s not forget the musical context of that memorable day at CMA Fest in 2010. It was a time when Kellie’s chart-topping hit, “Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You,” was captivating country music lovers everywhere. The song’s emotional journey resonated deeply, climbing the charts and solidifying Kellie’s place among country’s finest.

In the midst of her success, Kellie also earned the coveted title of Country Weekly’s most beautiful woman in country music for two consecutive years, beating out formidable contenders like Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood.

Fast forward a bit, and Kellie continued to make waves with her third album, “100 Proof,” produced by the talented Frank Liddell, known for his work with Miranda Lambert.

The lead-off single, “Tough,” showcased Kellie’s resilience and reached the top echelons of the charts, while the album itself soared to number seven on the Billboard 200.

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