Criminal Acts Take Center Stage In Eric Church’s Wild New Video

Eric Church/YouTube

Country singer Eric Church doesn’t mind being called an outsider or unconventional. That’s what makes him who he is. After all, it’s boring to be normal, right?

Covert Operation

In preparation for the release of his first new album since 2015 when he dropped Mr. Misunderstood, Church pulls off a covert operation in his newly released music video to ensure his devoted followers, members of the “Church Choir” could lay their ears on his new music before anyone else.

October 5th Release

That music is the title song from Desperate Man, which will be released October 5th.

The message is “it pays to be a fan. You be loyal to me and I’ll treat you right.”

In the music video, Church, a “Desperate Man,” transforms himself into the leader of a well-orchestrated plan that defies the “musical powers that be.”

He’ll Do Anything

Rather than go the traditional route of synchronizing with label EMI in its release of his latest thoughts put to music, Church goes underground, and as the video shows he’ll do anything to get his latest work to those who adore him most.

Exchanging stacks of cash for goods to make his records and get them to the doorsteps of the deserving, some viewers might find the imagery reminiscent of a food drop as shown in war torn areas.

War Against The Norm

Instead, this war is against the norm, a detour from playing by the rules which Church is so well known for. It’s not just what the singer does that defines him, but also what he doesn’t do. His fans love him for it.

According to NPR Musicback in 2015, Church went so far as to record Mr. Misunderstood without his label’s knowledge and even bought a European pressing plant to speed up the album’s manufacture.  The video of this southern rock anthem shows exactly what Church is willing to do to keep that trend going.

Feds Turn Out To Be From EMI

In the video, the Feds (EMI) Agents burst into the country singer’s home looking for contraband. As would happen in any good adventure movie, the family had just escaped in a private plane. Church was successful in dropping his new album on fan’s front steps and in the end, it’s a sure case of “good vs. evil.”

As usual, Church shared the news of the new release with his fans first by announcing his forthcoming eighth studio album in a message to his Church Choir last week.

Fans First

Church knows how to make his fans feel liked they’re the only ones who matter. Chances are forming these strong relationships will pay off.

This country star simply marches to the beat of a different drummer. If that’s criminal, then let it be.

What do you think of Church’s new song?  You may have to listen twice or even three times. It’ll grow on you.