Dog Crashes Country Concert Mid-Performance

Country 97.1 HANK FM/ Youtube

It was a wild night for country music fans that attended a special concert featuring one unexpected guest star! Performing their relaxing anthem “Sun Daze”, country duo Florida Georgia Line had their crowd hooked until one family member made his concert debut and stole the spotlight. Harley Hubbard, the adorable golden retriever of singer Tyler Hubbard, trotted his paws onto the stage and, as expected, had the audience going wild!

Wearing an adorable set of headphones to protect the pup’s hearing, Harley was all smiles and energy as he greeted each stage member and even ventured to the edge of the crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen, Harley Hubbard, everybody,” the singers yelled as they introduced the canine. In his short, one minute debut, Harley had stolen the show and made the runway his own territory!

Fans desperately tried to snag the dog’s attention as he wandered throughout the stage, absorbing the new faces and experiences. Harley’s headphones soon fell around his neck as he stopped in the center of the stage and began to rigorously scratch his ears. Once finished, he continued on his personal meet and greet throughout the duration of the performance, getting in lots of belly rubs and head scratches.

The FGL members are not the only country stars with large hearts for furry friends, as fellow singer Miranda Lambert not only mothers numerous dogs, but launched her own rescue to ensure the homing and well-being of pups in need.

You can watch the adorable clip of Harley meeting his dad’s fans by clicking the video below!