Dolly Parton Comically Accepts Monumental Recognition At 50th CMA Awards

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Dolly Parton has acquired such an endless amount of achievements and admirable recognitions that the word “legend” may no longer cover this trailblazing woman’s title. Parton, having been singing years before the CMA Awards had been established, has charted over 110 singles, been inducted into over 15 halls of fame, and has received 10 CMA Awards, to name a few!

Parton was honored with The Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award, an incredible recognition to “honor an iconic artist who has attained the highest degree of recognition in Country Music.” Parton was the 4th artist to ever receive this coveted award, now joining Johnny Cash (presented posthumously) and longtime friends Kenny Rogers and Willie Nelson.

Prior to Parton’s claim of her notable achievement, the singer was serenaded by a star-studded stage of various singers covering her classic hits, such as “Jolene”, “9 To 5”, “Here You Come Again”, and “I Will Always Love You”, while a beaming Parton absorbed the talented tributes.

Upon giving her acceptance speech, the bombshell, sporting a vibrant yellow dress, admitted that she was touched, but didn’t dare cry for fear of ruining her lashes, eliciting a holler of laughter from the crowd.

“This is a wonderful night for me,” Parton explained. As she began to talk fondly of Willie Nelson, the man whom the award was inspired by, Parton channels her punny side and laughs,  “This is an absolute high,” referencing Nelson’s public appreciation for marijuana.

As Parton began to address the people she desperately wanted to thank, she admitted that the achievement is, in fact, called a “lifetime” award and everybody to thank would simply not fit in her allotted time! “I had a big speech but they won’t let me give it,” laughed the actress.

Parton exited the stage with an uproarious applause, wig in tact and looking fabulous as ever! Congratulations to this trailblazing legend!