Dolly Parton Offers A Tender Sneak Peek Into The Story Behind ‘Christmas of Many Colors’

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Last year, millions tuned in to watch the story of Dolly Parton‘s childhood unfold on their television screens. Long ago, Dolly wrote a little song called “Coat of Many Colors” that has since become one of her signature pieces. The sweet song tells the story of her impoverished upbringing, and how her mother Avie Lee sewed her a coat made of multi-colored rags. Even though they were poor, Dolly felt rich in her brightly-colored coat.

The story and the song of “Coat of Many Colors” inspired Dolly’s television film of the same name. With themes of family, faith, and friendship, the film was a major hit, and the nation fell in love with Dolly all over again. Now, people have the chance to learn even more of Dolly’s story through the film’s upcoming sequel, Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love.

Picking up where the first film left off, Christmas of Many Colors brings us to the Parton family’s tiny cabin as they prepare for the holiday season. However, not all is merry and bright. Dolly’s father, Robert, frets over the fact that he can’t provide his children with the Christmas he feels they deserve. Plus, he’s determined to finally buy Avie Lee the wedding band he could never afford to give her.

Dolly offered us a deeper look into the story of Christmas of Many Colors when she released a sneak peek clip on Monday (November 21). The clip contains bits and pieces from the film’s trailer, but also offers a few new glances into the scenes, characters, and stories that we’ll be introduced to in the film.

The clip features interviews with the cast, including Dolly herself, who plays the “Painted Lady” in the film. In her interview, Parton explained the real-life story behind Christmas of Many Colors:

Being brought up in a big family, Christmas was always wonderful. In the very early days we didn’t have a bunch of store-bought things, and the fact that we just depended on each other, the love of family, and the love of God, no matter what we came up against, we’d make it.

The clip goes on to show some of the exact challenges the Parton family has to face in the film, including a snow storm and Robert’s leaving home to go work in the coal mines. But through all of the tough times, the Parton family pulls through thanks to the sacrifices they make for one another out of love. It is this theme of love and sacrifice, among others, that Dolly says is the true meaning of Christmas.

So many times we do forget, we just think Christmas is about presents and getting together, and just eating food,” she said. “And it is about all that, but it’s about love, and acceptance, and forgiveness.”

You can watch the full sneak peek into Christmas of Many Colors in the clip below. Be sure not to miss it when it debuts on NBC on November 30!