Willie Nelson Makes Powerful Concert Comeback Since Unknown Illness


Fans were crushed when legendary country music outlaw Willie Nelson was unable to perform at two of his previously scheduled concerts. The singer was said to be feeling “under the weather” and lacking the ability to perform for his crowd, although the illness was left undisclosed, it sent fans scratching their heads and instilling genuine concern for the singer. The 83-year-old ultimately canceled two concerts just a few days apart, originally dated for November 13th and 15th.

However, after recovery, the legend is back in the game and more alive than ever! Nelson took the stage in Louisiana for a performance chockful of raw talent and nostalgia. Said to have played a full set, the outlaw treated his fans to some of his greatest songs, including “Me & Paul”, “Whiskey River”, and “Will The Circle Be Unbroken”. However, perhaps the most memorable and crippling performance of the night, Nelson treated his crowd to a glorifying performance of his heartbreaking hit “Always On My Mind”.

The crowd sang along blissfully as the legend gave a heartwrenching performance of his timeless hit. Although his vocals alone were incredibly raw and undeniably captivated the sorrowful essence that embodies the lyrics, Nelson continued to wield his guitar and accompany his pure vocals with his mesmerizing instrumental abilities. Amidst the song, Nelson even allowed his voice to drift off and grant his audience the opportunity to confidently sing his lyrics as he basked in their appreciation for his music and talent. While the stage remained dimly lit, spirits and enjoyment remained high throughout the impeccable experience.

While Nelson did, in fact, win a grammy for his sensational cover of the song, many are unaware that his recording was not the original. Gwen McCrae and Brenda Lee were the original artists, recording the now Nelson hit back in 1972. While a wide variety of artists have attempted the ballad and even formulated vastly different recordings to emulate their own sound, Nelson’s Grammy-recognized compilation remains as one of the most memorable.

The legend’s performance was transitioned into an uproar of applause from his starstruck, clearly entrancing audience who was grateful for his return to the big stage. Nelson is set to be touring through May of 2017, even giving a special performance and feature at the 2017 Stagecoach festival out in Indio, CA.

We’re glad to see this timeless man back on the stage! Check out Nelson’s major comeback performance below!