Donkey Meets Baby Goat For The First Time, Then They Play Together


At four weeks old, Violet the baby goat was ready to explore the world around her. Following her owner, Alanna, Violet would leap around the farm and check out her new surroundings.

But Violet wasn’t aware of the other creatures she would meet on her in adventures. One of those creatures was long-term resident Monty the donkey. No one knew what to expect when donkey and goat met for the first time.

Someone shared a video of the two animals’ introduction, which shows an excited Violet running out into the meadow. That’s where she first encountered Monty, who quickly engaged a fun game of chase with the tiny goat.

Violet also got the chance to meet another donkey friend and a joyful Border Collie, but she had all eyes on Monty. The dusty-colored donkey was equally drawn to his new pal. Before long, it became clear that Violet and Monty were quite fond of each other.

After their game of chase, Alanna rushed over to Violet and scooped the baby goat up in her arms. Monty came trotting to her side, wanting to get a closer look at Violet. The two touched noses and enjoyed a little cuddle before Alanna started walking back to the barn.

In a surprising show of affection, Monty continued to follow Alanna all the way back. He kept trying to get to Violet the entire time! Now isn’t that sweet?

The person who shared the video says that Monty and Violet continue to visit each other daily and enjoy playing together. Tune in below to check out the video of their adorable first meeting. Their lovable friendship is sure to warm up your heart!