Dr. Pepper Releases New Flavor – And They Won’t Sell It To Just Anyone

Instagram / theemeechelle, carlsbarkleyy

Ok, so apparently Dr. Pepper is shipping out cans of their newest flavor that nobody has really heard of…and it takes a lot of work to get your hands on one… or six.

The soda giant known for its iconic 23-flavors taste and the numerous variations of flavors (Dr. Pepper Cherry, “TEN,” Cherry Vanilla) has now released one very specific – and super sweet flavor. And it’s so rare, they don’t even have it listed on their website!

Apparently, Dr. Pepper has been distributing this almost-unheard-of flavor for the last six or eight months…and we have to say: it looks like a wild taste ride!

Officially called “Dr. Pepper Icing On The Cake” this birthday cake flavored Dr. Pepper drink has been landing in the hands of a select group of people who registered with the soda maker as an ambassador of the brand.

That means – you can’t even buy it!


Nobody has really explained what the new birthday cake flavor tastes like…but apparently being part of their exclusive #PepperPack of ambassadors will net you a six-pack of the drink during your birthday month!


Beyond this flavor, Dr. Pepper also has a “Dark Cherry” limited edition that was released back in May to celebrate the new Spider-Man movie.

Check out all the cool swag you can get if you pledge your allegiance to The Dr. and his squad of Pepper soldiers in the video below.