Miranda Lambert Covers Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” At 2016 Concert

Shasta Phelps / YouTube

We’ve heard Miranda Lambert cover Patsy Cline‘s classic hit “Crazy” many times before, and every time seems better than the last. “Crazy” has been a staple in country music since Cline released her recording in 1961, and many artists have gone on to cover it.

Lambert has included “Crazy” in her setlist off and on for years. She performed the song live in Nashville in 2012, and also featured it during her performance at the C2C: Country to Country festival in March.

During her concert in Chicago in 2016, Lambert decided to bring “Crazy” back, much to the delight of the crowd.

But when she first announced she was going to sing it, she didn’t say the title right away. Instead, she referenced the fact that she says “crazy” a lot during her shows, and decided in honor of that she would “throw something in” she described as “old school style.”

By the time Lambert revealed she was singing “Crazy,” the crowd had caught on, and they erupted with cheers, knowing how amazing Lambert has done in the past at covering the country classic.

She certainly didn’t disappoint this time either. Although Lambert has recorded many more modern-sounding tunes over the course of her career, her voice is versatile enough to take on that classic country sound.

The way she played with each word and kept her voice at a near whisper added an enchanting quality to her performance, and there’s no doubt that everyone was mesmerized.

Lambert is one artist who hasn’t recorded her own rendition of “Crazy,” but after watching this performance and all of her others, we really think she should! Tune in to the video below and see for yourself.

Now that you know that Lambert has the voice for classic country, what other old school hits would you like to hear her sing?