Elderly Woman Whose Last Concert Was Elvis Presley Gets Epic Surprise From Garth Brooks

C Flanigan/FilmMagic/Getty Images | Trude France/YouTube

Garth Brooks was wrapping up his final show in Lafayette, Louisiana in 2017 when he decided to go above and beyond for one very special fan. It’s a pretty known fact that one way to get Brooks’ attention during one of his shows is to bring a sign.

An 89-year-old fan brought her sign to the concert because of how special of an occasion it was. It was her first concert in decades! In fact, the last live show she attended was Elvis Presley’s, who passed away 40 years ago.

Her sign read, “Elvis was my last concert,” and Brooks definitely took notice. Instead of ending his show on time, he wanted to play a special song for her. Because she was seated a little far from the stage, Brooks couldn’t hear her, so he maneuvered through the crowd to be as close to her as possible.

“So, how was Elvis? Was Elvis good?” he asked her, prompting laughter from the entire audience.

He then told the lucky lady, Laura, that he’d play any song that she requested. Within seconds, he began playing “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” making Laura’s daughter burst into tears on the spot. The sweet serenade was filmed by almost everyone in the arena, it seemed, but Brooks only had eyes for Laura!

What an extremely special moment for a very lucky lady! Watch it all go down in the video below.