It’s A Boy! Couple Uses Bull For Rodeo-Style Gender Reveal

Facebook / PBR

Y’all have never seen a gender reveal that’s more country than this – and this will be one you remember forever!

Taking the new trend of baby gender reveals to a whole new level, this rodeo-loving family decided to incorporate a bucking bull into their unveiling in a way that nobody ever expected.

The video, recorded by Justin Koon and shared with rodeo fans by the Professional Bull Rider Association, shows a bull behind the gate, bucking to get out and flanked by two signs that show bows and boots with corresponding colors of blue and pink to indicate the gender. Balloons are also flying on either side of the corral, but just how the reveal will be done isn’t quite clear.

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You can hear the bull bucking around behind the gate of the corral, and the audience grows excited for the reveal to happen. No one can see the bull directly as they have a tarp covering the gate.

Once the rodeo hand releases the gate and lets the bull out, he charges forward leaving behind a trail of colored chalk dust that clearly shows what gender this happy couple’s new addition will be!

PBR / Facebook

The audience cheers loudly and the bull appears quite confused at what just happened.

PBR / Facebook

Check out this incredibly creative new baby gender reveal in the video below!