Florida Georgia Line Deletes Everything On Instagram – What’s Going On?

Mindy Small / Contributor / Getty Images

Hot Country Duo’s Instagram Account Wiped Clean

If you were to look through Florida Georgia’s Line‘s Instagram right now, you’d only see a few photos. It’s not that the duo just now set up an account on the popular social media site. They’ve been on there for quite some time.

So why is it that their account only has a few photos, the first of which was posted on Tuesday (May 29)? Well, it’s because they wiped their entire account clean.

We bet you’re wondering…why would Florida Georgia Line, one of the hottest duos in country music, decide to erase their entire history of Instagram posts? That’s what we’re here to try and answer for y’all.

A Bit Of Background

The whole concept of a celebrity wiping their Instagram account clean isn’t a new one. Many stars do this in the lead-up to a big announcement, such as a new single, album, or tour.

Just a few artists who have famously erased their Instagram photos to gear up for an announcement include Taylor Swift, Sam Hunt, and The Band Perry.

Some artists go so far as to delete their accounts entirely as a way of driving up some hype. Take Kane Brown as a recent example, who disabled his Instagram account along with his fiancée for a little while to make people miss him for something he has in store.

So did Florida Georgia Line clean up their Instagram for these same reasons? All signs point to yes.

Something’s On The Horizon

As mentioned previously, the first photo on Florida Georgia Line’s newly clean Instagram was posted on May 29. This photo, which is in a sepia tone, shows the duo playing out in an open field that is littered with lights.

The caption seems to drop a hint about the Instagram cleanup, reading, “Ain’t no need to complicate it.


The next photo, posted later the same day, shows the guys partying it up in a barn with a group of friends. Based on the way that they’re dressed, it looks like they were going for an old-school barn dance kind of vibe.


A third photo, posted on Wednesday, seems to offer another hint at what the duo is up to. This photo shows them playing guitar in the woods, while the caption reads, “We’re just simple like a six string.”

We’re just simple like a six string

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All of these captions seem to read like song lyrics, and the images definitely look like they come from a music video. But what does it all mean?

Getting Down To The Bottom Of It

From the looks of it, it seems that Florida Georgia Line is gearing up for the release of a new single and music video. But, based on the captions they used and the old-fashioned look of the photos, it seems like they’re telling us that this new single is going to be different than what we’re used to seeing them.

Just looking at the evidence, it seems like maybe the duo is planning to release a more simplistic, less pop-driven song as proof that their country roots are strong. Only time will tell if this is actually what they are planning!

What do y’all think? Do you agree with our conclusions about all of this, or do you think something else is up?