Garth Brooks’ Concert Loses Power Mid-Show

Greg Doherty / Getty Images

It was a dark moment for thousands of Garth Brooks fans during his final performance of a three-night run at a New Jersey venue.

As the Prudential Center revealed on social media, fans were left in the dark for more than an hour after the power was cut to the entire 16,000-seat stadium and right in the middle of the performance. They also explained that they were in touch with the local utility company, Public Service Electric & Gas to investigate the issue.

According to various sources, this isn’t the first power outage incident to happen at the longstanding stadium and back in 2010, during an NHL game, the venue lost power after a surge struck the grid. Both Prudential Center and PSEG had electricians working on the issue for nearly two hours before calling it quits. The game resumed two days later.

The outage during the Garth Brooks concert only lasted just more than an hour, with electricians able to restore power and allow the show to continue. Power was lost just before 8 p.m. while an opening act was on stage and resumed just before 9 p.m. local time.

Read the Prudential Center’s full statement from Twitter below and watch the video of Garth Brooks singing “The Dance” later in that same show (starts at 2:45).