Garth Brooks Farm Accident: Chop Saw “Collapsed” On Him

Garth Brooks / Facebook

Just one hour before he was supposed to go live for a special preview of his upcoming album Fun, Garth Brooks cancelled the event due to an injury he sustained on his farm.

He didn’t say much about the injury, but he wore a work glove on his left hand to cover it up. Taste of Country reported that Brooks’ publicist said he hurt “multiple fingers on his left hand while working on the farm.” He kept trying to play, which is why he didn’t call the show off until the last minute.

The album preview was rescheduled for Monday, October 26 and it seems that Brooks’ hand healed up enough for him to play the guitar.

No one knew what really happened to him out on the farm…until now!

Brooks and Yearwood called into The Bobby Bones Show on Friday (October 30) to reveal all. Bones didn’t beat around the bush, though! His first question was essentially, “What the heck happened?!”

Brooks explained that he was working with a chop saw.

“I was loading the chop saw. I was on the back end of it, which is the safe end of it. And the damn thing collapsed on me,” he explained. “When I felt it, I didn’t want to see it, so I just took my right hand and kinda just felt my left hand and made sure all my parts were there, thank goodness.”

He continued, “I got lucky. It’s gonna be black and blue for a while, but I got really, really lucky.”

Yearwood chimed in, saying this is not her husband’s first injury from working on the farm, but it is the first one people know about. She didn’t divulge into the rest of his injuries but she did note that she once came home to Brooks with a bloody eyebrow!

We hope Brooks heals up quickly! Watch the full interview below.