Gecko Found In Man’s Beer – He Saves Its Life By Performing CPR

The New York Post

An incredible video has surfaced on the internet of a man nicknamed Slab, about to eat dinner with his buddies and doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on a small gecko he found floating in his beer.

This apparently happened in Corindi Beach, New South Wales, Australia at a restaurant and they thought the gecko had already drowned and was dead. However, Slab wasn’t about to give up on the gecko and laid it on the counter to perform CPR on the little fella.

The men at the table laughed as he tapped on the gecko’s chest with one finger and then picked it up to breathe into its mouth. After a few moments of this, the gecko began to move its arms and came back to life. Everyone at the table laughed and cheered with excitement as the gecko sprung back into action and started climbing up Slab’s arm. It was a heartwarming moment.

The New York Post said that the gecko was so grateful he didn’t leave his hero’s side for the rest of the night. No one knew how it even ended up in Slab’s beer in the first place but it ended up growing on him so he took it home.

Watch Man Save Gecko’s Life In The Video Below