Beloved Hymn Is Brought To Life By Talented ‘Voice’ Singer

Week after week, Team Kelly Clarkson‘s Kaleb Lee has delivered one strong performance after another. He started out on Team Blake, but was snatched up by the “I Don’t Think About You” singer as fast as she could. The Kentucky native has stayed true to his country roots while on The Voice by performing songs […] More

12-Year-Old Singer Brings Audience To Feet With Gospel Performance

Outstanding Talents Of Extraordinary Kids Out of all of the competition series out there, one manages to set itself apart. That series is Little Big Shots, which devotes itself to showcasing the talents of remarkable children. He can do WHAT with a Rubik's Cube?? 😱 — Little Big Shots (@NBCLilBigShots) October 25, 2018 The show’s first season […] More

George Jones & Vestal Goodman Join Together For ‘Angel Band’ Duet

George Jones and Vestal Goodman paid tribute to the Stanley Brothers with a moving cover of their powerful “Angel Band.” Jones and Goodman put a country-gospel twist on The Stanley Brother’s bluegrass version. Sticking with the spiritual theme – their music video for “Angel Band” features the two singing the powerful lyrics in a field alongside a young girl playing nearby […] More