Giant Pet Goldfish Are Taking Over Lake & Must Be Removed

City of Burnsville, Minnesota - Municipal Government / Facebook

The city of Burnsville, Minnesota just released a public statement asking citizens to not release their pet goldfish into ponds or lakes after finding them overgrown in Keller Lake.

“Please don’t release your pet goldfish into ponds and lakes. They grow bigger than you think!” City of Burnsville, Minnesota – Municipal Government (CBM) wrote on Facebook.

The city said they recently partnered with the City of Apple Valley, MN, and Carp Solutions to conduct a survey on the fish population in the lake. In their observations, they assessed the number of invasive goldfish and other fish in the lake.

Experts pointed out that not only have the goldfish grown to be massive in size, but they have also observed large groups of the goldfish swimming in the lake together which proves that their numbers are growing.

Wildlife officials say the problem with this invasive species is they contribute to poor water quality because they are known to muck up the bottom sediment of lakes and uproot natural plants.

CBM shared a few photos on Facebook showing just how big the goldfish can get.

CBM said, “Instead of releasing your pet goldfish in a local lake or pond, please consider other options for finding them a new home like asking a responsible friend or neighbor to care for it.”

More On The Invasive Goldfish In The Video Below