Harrison Ford Gave Tim McGraw The “Best” Marriage Advice

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Although Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have 14 years of marriage on Harrison Ford and Callista Flockhart, the “Humble and Kind” singer admits that one of “the best” pieces of marriage advice he has received has been from the legendary actor.

McGraw and Hill were married on October 6, 1996 after a whirlwind romance and after almost 25 years later, they are more in love than ever.

But, even though that have been married for a quarter-century, they could still use some advice on keeping their marriage long-lasting! McGraw was speaking to his record label when he revealed some advice he received from none other than Harrison Ford.

Ford has been married to actress Callista Flockhart since 2010, but they’ve been together since they met at the 2002 Golden Globes.

McGraw said, “I think the best advice I heard for a long marriage is, Harrison Ford, they were talking about being married to Calista Flockhart for so long. And he said, ‘Well, I’ve learned to say the least amount of words that you can possibly say to keep yourself out of trouble.’ So I’d probably go along with that advice.”

McGraw has also said that a mutual “love and respect” for one another is a big part of a successful marriage. Clearly, whatever McGraw is doing, is working!


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