Kelly Uses Manipulated Footage Of Gwen Trashing Blake

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On The Voice, former coach, Gwen Stefani, made an appearance to campaign for Kelly Clarkson instead of her fiancée, Blake Shelton. At least, that is what Clarkson wanted one contestant to believe. 

In a hilarious and creative attempt to sway singer Jordan Matthew Young to her team, Clarkson manipulated previous footage of Stefani. In the video, Stefani gives Clarkson a glowing review and speaks poorly of Shelton’s coaching skills. 

“Blake Shelton would be terrible as a coach. I love Kelly, she is perfect for you,” Stefani stated in the edited clip.


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Shelton burst out into laughter during the video while John Legend announced that he agreed with Stefani’s manipulated statements. Unfortunately, Young was not as convinced by Clarkson’s efforts, and the “Stronger” singer’s play ultimately backfired.

“Kelly, I appreciate your input a lot, but it would be between Nick and Blake,” Young revealed.

Ultimately, Young decided to join Shelton’s team, and the country star was elated. Shelton declared it felt good to beat his fellow coaches, including Stefani.

“Clearly, Jordan saw right through Kelly’s manipulation and lies and made the right choice,” Shelton quipped.

Watch Clarkson’s manipulative plan unfold below.

Watch Young’s full audition in the following video!