Hilarity Ensues When 2-Year-Old Steals Baby Jesus In The Middle Of Nativity Play

Tana Benson / Facebook

Tana Benson was a typical mom recording her daughter in their church’s Nativity play when something happened that definitely was not rehearsed!

Benson’s two-year-old daughter Teegan was playing the very important role of a sheep who was present for Jesus’ birth. As Mary, Joseph, the sheep, and the angel were surrounding Baby Jesus in the manger, the church’s children’s choir began singing an angelic rendition of “Away In A Manger.”

In the middle of the song, however, Teegan got distracted with how cute the doll playing Jesus was and decided to pick it up and dance with it. The entire audience couldn’t handle how cute it was and started giggling.

The little girl who played Mary sprung into action and tried to take back the Baby Jesus doll to put in the manger, but Teegan was having none of it! The entire audience at this point had taken their attention away from the choir and the spotlight was on Teegan and “Mary.” The toddlers continued to fight over Baby Jesus and “Joseph” even tried getting involved before a teacher came in to help out.

The entire church was in a laughing fit at this point and Tana happened to capture the moment on camera. She posted it online for her Facebook friends to watch.

“My little sheep took the baby Jesus, breaking all the rules leaving poor little Mary no choice but to take action! Momma to the rescue tried her best to protect her baby at all costs,” she wrote accompanying the funny video. “Definitely a program I will remember. LOVE these kiddos and my church family! Laughed so hard I cried!”

WBIR 10 News caught up with Tana after the video went viral and she tried to explain the video a little more.

“(We have) a sheep stealing the Baby Jesus and Mary with the WWE Smackdown,” Tana said with a laugh. “(Mary) is a stickler for the rules. So (she) was not having it, and she knew we were not supposed to touch the Baby Jesus so she made sure that Teegan knew for sure that that was unacceptable.”

Make sure you watch this hilarious video until the very end!