Horses With Baby Run From Fast Grizzly Bear

Help Alberta Wildies Society / Facebook

The Help Alberta Wildies Society shared some pretty thrilling footage of a big grizzly bear chasing down a group of wild horses in the wilderness of Alberta, Canada.

The video shared back on May 26 (2022) was taken from a trail camera that was set up to capture the family of wild horses and other wildlife that lives in the area.

On this particular day, the horses were caught on camera running as fast as they could from the one predator in the forest that’s higher on the food chain than them…a grizzly bear.

The bear was running extremely fast and was hot on their trail about 40 yards behind the group of horses. They all ran off camera but the video switches to another trail cam and captures another angle of the chase.

Help Alberta Wildies Society said about the captured footage, “These trail cameras are part of a large network of cameras collecting video data on the plight and mortality of Alberta’s Wild Horses, from both natural causes and large predators. Help Alberta Wildies Society has been conducting this research since 2014, and uses the data to promote worldwide awareness about our threatened population of Wild Horses here in Alberta, Canada.”

The grizzly bear appeared to be picking up the pace trying to gain ground on them and was perhaps targeting the young foul in the group. The grizzly was said to have been a mother with two cubs and was trying to feed her cubs.

Help Alberta Wildies Society said, “The next time someone tells you that the Wild Horses have no natural predators, send them to me. We are losing a lot of horses this year, sooner and quicker than in past years. Not just the foals. Adults also.”

Watch Footage Of The Horses & Bear Below