How Much Does Carrie Underwood Make From The “Sunday Night Football” Song?

Mr. Misunderstood / YouTube

In 2007, NBC’s Sunday Night Football embraced country music as its opening theme, with Faith Hill taking over from singer P!nk to perform “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night.” Hill led the charge for several years until the talented superstar Carrie Underwood made her debut as the Sunday Night Football theme singer in 2013.

Underwood continued the tradition of singing “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night,” a reworked version of Joan Jett’s song “I Hate Myself For Loving You.” After a few years of performing this Sunday night staple, the song underwent a transformation into “Oh, Sunday Night,” inspired by Underwood’s duet with Miranda Lambert titled “Somethin’ Bad.” As always, the song’s lyrics were tweaked each week to reflect the teams preparing to face off that night.

In 2018, the theme took another turn with the introduction of a new song called “Game On.”

While “Game On” received rave reviews, NBC decided to change the opening song for the 2019 season in honor of the NFL’s 100th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, Underwood was joined by the legendary singer Joan Jett every Sunday night, adding an extra touch of excitement to the centennial celebrations.

2021 and 2022 seasons were versions of “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night.” This fall, if she comes back, Underwood will be the voice of Sunday Night Football for 10 year – and 11 seasons! But…

How much does Carrie Underwood make for the “Sunday Night Football” opening?

According to, Underwood cashes an $18 million check per season, which comes down to about $1 million per week!

We’d be singing “Sunday Night Football” for as long as they ask us if it were us!