Lauren Alaina & Lainey Wilson Release Cheeky New Duet, “Thicc As Thieves”

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Lauren Alaina & Lainey Wilson Team Up For Fun New Duet

Lauren Alaina released her new EP, Unlocked, on Friday (June 9). The six-song record contains only one collaboration, a duet with Lainey Wilson titled “Thicc As Thieves.”

Alaina co-wrote “Thicc As Thieves” with Rocky Block, Luke Bryan, Dallas Davidson, Jacob Durrett, and Parker Welling. Bryan and Davidson likely get a writing credit because the song samples Bryan’s 2011 single “Country Girl (Shake It for Me).”

For those who were unaware, the term “thicc” (sometimes with a varying number of the letter c) is used to describe someone with a full figure, particularly a nice “behind.”

Wilson especially has generated a lot of attention because of her backside. “You know, I’ve been at this a long time and if you found out about my music and stuck around because of the butt or because of the music…you’re welcome!” she told ET Canada.

Because of this, Wilson seemed like the perfect duet partner on “Thicc As Thieves.” Alaina teased their duet with a cheeky picture on social media.


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You Can Listen To Lauren & Lainey’s Duet, “Thicc As Thieves,” Right Now

The fun-lovin’ tune is now available for everyone to hear. It has the two ladies singing about how they’ll always have each other’s backs…and behinds.

As part of the chorus goes:

“We’re thicker than our accents, thicker than our hair. Thicker than the Georgia and Louisiana air. Thicker than molasses from the patches to the seams. Stealing hearts is in our jeans. Us southern girls, we’re thicc as thieves.”

As mentioned earlier, “Thicc As Thieves” samples “Country Girl (Shake It For Me).” That inclusion comes toward the end of the song.

Also at the end, Alaina says, “Oh my gosh, Lainey! Look at your butt. How’d you get those bell bottoms yanked up?” Wilson responds, “Oh my Lord, Lauren! Look at that juicy peach. Did you have to jump in them britches?

Alaina and Wilson also performed “Thicc As Thieves” during CMA Fest the night before Unlocked was released. You can watch part of that live duet below.