“I Knew I Needed Her,” Tim McGraw Said When He First Saw Faith Hill


Emotions running high, this country singer nearly watched his wife break down in tears as he described how he knew she was the one for him – from the instant that he saw her.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been married more than 20 years and have welcomed three beautiful daughters into the world in that time after embarking on incredibly successful musical careers, but back in 1996 they were both breaking out into the world of music as new artists – and, as fate would have it, they wound up in the same exact room for a performance.

Sitting down for a brand new interview with Billboard magazine, hot on the heels of their most recent duet debut (“The Rest of Our Life”), McGraw and Hill open up about just how their lives came together – and the incredible moment when McGraw knew he couldn’t live without her.

Hill was separated from her husband and McGraw was dating someone when they first met 23 years ago, but the spark between their souls was evident to anyone who paid attention.

“For me, there was an intense physical attraction,” McGraw admits. “I guess my girlfriend saw it in my eyes. She said, ‘I don’t want you around her.’”

What others couldn’t see, however, was the feeling McGraw got when he first met Faith – and that feeling has stayed with him ever since that incredible moment that his life changed.

“I knew I had that ­instability and dysfunction in me, from the way I grew up. And when I met Faith, I knew I needed her in my life — to keep me stable, solid and on track,” he continued.


Not long after they met at that Country Radio Seminar performance, McGraw set out on his first headlining tour and selected Hill as his opening act – a choice that would bring them even closer together. Within three months of starting the tour, they were sharing sweet kisses and emotion on stage with the audience at the end of a duet, and just seven months after the tour began – they were married.


The rest is basically history and their love story is one of the most-treasured and timeless of any celebrity couple. Today, they can be seen sharing the same beautiful love for one another as they take the stage on their Soul2Soul World Tour 2017, and in their interviews, the spark is still glowing between them.

Watch the unforgettable duet, “I Need You” which perfectly describes their bond in the video below.