“Idol” Country Singer Sent Home After “Mama’s Broken Heart” Duet

American Idol / YouTube

Two “country sweethearts” from American Idol hit the stage in the hopes of advancing to the next round of the competition. But only one of them got to move on, while the other was sent home.

The two singers we’re talking about are Grace Leer and Hannah Prestridge.

After receiving golden tickets and advancing to Hollywood, Leer and Prestridge were tasked with performing a duet. The song they ended up with gave them the perfect opportunity to let their personalities shine through in their performance.

That song was “Mama’s Broken Heart” by Miranda Lambert. Lambert released the fiery tune in 2011 as the fourth single off of her album Four the Record.

The song was a smash success, and claimed the second spot on both the Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts.

Because of its sassy nature, “Mama’s Broken Heart” is definitely a performer’s song. If someone isn’t comfortable on stage, it shows in the way they deliver “Mama’s Broken Heart,” because it just doesn’t have that “oomph” behind it.

This is something that judge Lionel Richie mentioned, saying how these duets are like a “psychological test” for the Idol contestants, since that’s when they should let their personalities speak for themselves.

Although Prestridge’s vocal performance was solid as she sang “Mama’s Broken Heart,” that sense of personality was lacking in comparison to Leer’s. Leer moved around on stage, gestured to the judges, and seemed to be into the song, while Prestridge was more stiff and rigid.

In the end, the judges decided it was time for Prestridge to go home. They informed Leer she would advance to the next round, but told Prestridge it was time to say goodbye.

The singer didn’t let her elimination get her down, and promised to return next season.

Tune in to the clip below to watch Leer and Prestridge sing “Mama’s Broken Heart.” Do you agree with the judges’ decision to keep Leer and send Prestridge home?