“Idol” Judges & Crowd Cry Over Iam Tongi’s “Monsters” Duet

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How Iam Tongi Won The Hearts Of Everyone Watching American Idol

When Iam Tongi auditioned for American Idol, he moved the judges to tears with his performance of James Blunt’s “Monsers.” Tongi told the judges about his father, who passed away just months before his audition.

Emotions were running high as Tongi described how he can still hear his dad harmonizing with him when he sings.

Tongi ended up advancing through each stage of the competition, and made it to the finale. He was eventually named the winner of the show’s 21st season!

But before that, Tongi performed a special duet that left everyone in tears.

Iam Tongi & James Blunt’s “Monsters” Duet Sparks Emotional Response From Idol Crowd…A Crying Iam Could Barely Get Through The Song

Idol brought things full circle by having Blunt on the show to sing “Monsters” with Tongi during the finale. It was an understandably emotional moment for Tongi, and he got choked up early on in the performance. People in the crowd started crying too.

As the performance progressed, Tongi began to cry even harder. He was so overwhelmed with emotion that he was unable to sing at points. Blunt supported him through those moments, and it was touching to see.

The Idol judges could be seen sobbing in the crowd. Katy Perry was especially emotional. Afterward, she showcased her tear-soaked and makeup-stained tissue she used to wipe her face.


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Another person who had an emotional reaction to Tongi’s performance was one of the night’s guest performers, Jelly Roll. He sat next to Tongi’s mother in the crowd.

You’re also sure to have an emotional response when you watch Tongi and Blunt’s “Monsters” duet in the video below. It will definitely tug at your heartstrings!