Interview Reveals Surprising Fact About Beloved Song, ‘Ramblin’ Man’

Just hours before the horrifically unexpected suicide of the Allman Brothers original member and co-founder Butch Trucks, an interview was conducted with the drummer by a journalist from The Morning CallWriter John Moser spoke with Trucks about his riveting career, exciting new endeavors, and being named one of Rolling Stone‘s top 100 drummers in music.

While Trucks began to delve into his career and the humble beginning of the highly respected Allman Brothers, the interview transitioned with an unexpected turn into the reference, and shocking fact, of one very well-known country music legend. The drummer began to express the change of pace the band took upon the death of Duane Allman, tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. “After Duane died,” Trucks explained, “…we quit playing so much in that jazz genre that we were playing in and started heading more toward country stuff.” According to the rock ‘n roll icon, this prompted the creation of the country music classic “Ramblin’ Man”.

However, according to Trucks, this song was more country than the band was willing to commit to, essentially leading to a demo recording intended for a fellow country singer to enjoy and, hopefully, snag as his own! “We actually went to the studio to make a demo of [Ramblin’ Man] to send to Merle Haggard,” he admitted.

As the band hit the recording studio, the song transformed into a magical composition in which the men were able to properly showcase their highly-regarded sound, as Trucks admitted that their “jam session” was so successful that they all “forgot about how country the song was”. Fortunately for the Allman Brothers, the song was a massive hit that they ultimately decided to secure as their own, as it is still loved and enjoyed by ongoing generations and music enthusiasts for years and years to come.

Although the band committed to a steady blend of music, incorporating sounds from popular genres such as jazz and country, their original sound was a groundbreaking transition in the cliquey world of music and entertainment.

While we can’t help but desperately imagine Haggard’s voice capturing the song and expressing its passionate lyrics, we genuinely applaud the band for their highly successful piece of art and tenacity that landed them a spot as one of the most memorable and iconic bands that has graced our memories and musical taste.

Trucks’ death was a shocking headline that broke the hearts of friends, family, and fans. However, it is through his profound talent and timeless music that we will continue to keep his soul and spirit alive in our hearts and minds. Our prayers are with his family at this time.