Introducing Dale Earnhardt’s Grandson Jeffrey – He’s A Race Car Driver Too

Basso488 / Twitter, Jeffrey Earnhardt / Twitter

In the racing world, the name Earnhardt is synonymous with greatness.

It all started with Ralph Earnhardt, who began racing in the late 1940s and made it his full-time job in 1953. Next came Dale Earnhardt, who might be one of the most famous race car drivers of all time.

Dale then had four children, two of which became drivers themselves – Kerry and Dale Jr.

In 2007, the Earnhardt family became a four-generation racing family when Kerry’s son Jeffrey drove the No. 1 Chevrolet for Andy Santerre Motorsports at the Busch East Series.

Since his debut at the age of 17, Jeffrey has raced in 76 NASCAR Cup Series, with his best finish (36th) being at the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. He has also competed in 107 NASCAR Xfinity Series races. His best finish was 18th at the 2014 NASCAR Nationwide Series.

Jeffrey has raced in the legendary Daytona 500 twice – in 2017 and 2018. In 2017, he finished 11 places higher than his uncle, Dale Jr.

While he has a legendary last name to live up to, Jeffrey is already making his family proud. He is currently a full-time JD Motorsports driver and has already raced a couple times this year!

Not only is Jeffrey a skilled race car driver, he also made his MMA debut in 2012. He beat Chris Faison by unanimous decision.

Since then, he’s stayed out of the octagon and has focused on driving, and enjoys a good duck hunt every now and then.

Jeffrey was a guest on his uncle’s podcast, The Dale Jr. Download, in 2019 and they talked about the legacy of their last name.

It’s awesome,” Jeffrey said. “The whole family’s continued to carry on that legacy, That’s what means the most to me and seeing how much it means to other people, it’s incredible.”

He then told a story about a fan who broke down in tears just at the sight of him – twice! Check out their conversation below.