Jana Kramer’s Spot-On ‘Hollywood Medium’ Reading Will Give You Chills

Youtube/E! Entertainment

Whether you believe in mediums or not, this is pretty spooky! 21-year-old medium Tyler Henry rose to fame after a series of seemingly accurate clairvoyant readings conducted with some of the biggest names in Hollywood went viral as part of his televised series Hollywood Medium. 

Trying to see what all the fuss is about, country singer Jana Kramer met up with the young medium for a reading. While Henry didn’t seem to connect much with sprits from the other side in relation to Kramer, he picked up on a spirit related to a friend of hers.

Henry claimed to pick up on the spirit of mother-like figure who died of “womanly related issues,” which Kramer admits she does not connect with. However, a woman in the other room with a close relation to the country singer speaks up, saying, “My mom died of ovarian cancer.”

“And you’re sure it connects to me?” asks Kramer. “Because I think one of my girlfriends in the other room might.”

Henry continues describing what the spirit allegedly speaking through him went through during her battle with ovarian cancer, all while the woman in the other room become increasingly overwhelmed by his spot-on accuracy.

Absolutley chilling! You can catch the rest of their interview tomorrow ( May 24) on E! as well as the sneak preview below.