Jason Aldean And His Wife Rock Adorable Matching Outfits

brittanyaldean / Instagram

Months have passed since Jason and Brittany Aldean dropped the news that they would soon be welcoming home a baby boy.

Now well into her pregnancy, that 30-year-old blonde has become a little less mobile than she is used to, rendering her unable to participate in her and her country crooner husband’s baseball league this season. While Brittany may not be playing herself, that is not going to stop her from cheering her husband on!

“Although I can’t play this year, you better believe I’ve got my invisible Pom Poms out!! Go Jack Aces!!⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️,” she captioned her Instagram photo.

Coincidentally, sports are a major point of conversation in the Aldean household and a major argument surrounding the raising of their unborn son, particularly which college football team their “little man” will cheer for.

Born in Macon, Georgia, Aldean grew up to become a huge supporter of the University of Georgia’s football team, the Georgia Bulldogs. However, during college football championships when Bama faced off against Clemson, Jason cheered alongside his beautiful wife, joking, “The things that I do for this girl.”

You can check out their adorable photo below!