Jelly Roll’s 7-Year-Old Son Makes Rare Appearance In Stepmom’s TikTok

BunnieXO / TikTok, Gilbert Flores/Penske Media via Getty Images

Jelly Roll’s son, Noah, has stayed relatively out of the limelight during his dad’s rise to superstardom.

Even though Noah does not live with Jelly Roll and his wife, Bunnie XO, he is a beloved member of their family. He isn’t shown much on social media to respect his and his mom’s privacy.

He is also the dad of 16-year-old Bailee, who he has full custody of.

Jelly Roll / Facebook

In an interview with Taste of Country, Jelly Roll said, “With Bailee, I’m the full-time parent, I’m the judge, the jury and the executioner, when it comes to decisions with her. I try not to get in the way of what she [Melisa, Noah’s mom] is building over there, and I never want to step on her toes, with what she’s doing with him, that I want to just respect that boundary.”

Noah was born on August 25, 2016. In an announcement on Facebook, Jelly Roll said, “God Bless this Child to be everything I am not! Noah Buddy DeFord! I pray he nor Bailee ever have to pay for their father’s sins.”

Jelly Roll posing with his newborn son, Noah.
Jelly Roll / Facebook

Bunnie XO and Jelly Roll were married six days later. She took on the role of “bonus mom” very seriously and adores her stepchildren Bailee and Noah.

Jelly Roll's daughter Bailee opened up about her relationship with her mom on Bunnie Xo's podcast
Jelly Roll / Instagram

Just before Noah’s seventh birthday in 2023, he made his social media debut on Bunnie’s TikTok, after she cleared it with his mom first.

Bunnie Xo and stepson Noah (Photo: Bunnie Xo / TikTok)

She introduced him to Jelly Roll’s fans, where he said his favorite color is red, loves to play Pokemon and soccer, and would love to have a dog and a cat.

@xomgitsbunnie Replying to @babyknockout45 The sweetest boy #jellyandbunnie ♬ Funny Music – Background Music for Video Edits

Nearly a year later, Noah made another appearance and he has only gotten cuter!

Bunnie explained in her TikTok caption that Noah asked to do a video, and this trend was what they came up with! Bunnie turned on her camera and said, “Can you watch my bonus son for a second?” before running away.

Noah stood behind her looking a little timid. He walked toward the camera and looked to the side a few times before he said,  My name is Noah and this is my first time doing a video so I might be a little….I don’t know what to say, so can you take it easy on me?” 

He was so cute! And he looks a lot like his dad!

Watch the video below.