Jelly Roll’s Daughter, Bailee, Opens Up About Her Relationship With Her Mother

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Jelly Roll’s Daughter, Bailee, Explains Her History With Her Mother

Jelly Roll’s daughter, Bailee Ann, was born while he was in prison. “Man, the single most impactful event of my entire life was having my daughter,” he told PEOPLE. “It changed everything.”

After he got out of prison, Jelly Roll worked on bettering his life. He eventually met his now-wife, Bunnie Xo, who helped him secure custody of Bailee.

Bailee’s mother was struggling with addiction at the time. But Jelly Roll didn’t have the financial resources to support his daughter on his own.

Bunnie stepped in and “bankrolled” everything to help Jelly Roll take care of Bailee. He got emotional as he recalled her saying:

She said, ‘No matter what happens with us, I’m gonna help you get this little girl.’ And I was like, ‘Man, what character.'”

Bailee Tells Bunnie Xo About Her Dark Past

Jelly Roll and Bunnie gained full custody of Bailee eight years ago. She is incredibly close to her dad and Bunnie. So close, that she opened up to Bunnie about her dark past on Bunnie’s Dumb Blonde podcast.

Before we continue, this article discusses addiction, drinking, and drug use, particularly relating to someone who is underage. Do not continue reading if such content can be upsetting or harmful for you to see.

Bailee spoke about her relationship with her mother, Felicia Beckwith. After battling addiction for years and serving her own jail sentence, Felicia was released in 2020. Felicia was sober at the time, and living in recovery housing.

She got back in touch with Bailee, who was only 12. They started rekindling their relationship, which Jelly Roll and Bunnie fully supported.

Jelly Roll's daughter Bailee opened up about her relationship with her mom on Bunnie Xo's podcast
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When Bailee was 14, she went to go spend the summer with her mom. That’s when things took a dark turn.

Bailee knew her mom started drinking again, but thought she only did so occasionally. But soon after Bailee arrived, she claims her mom started giving her alcohol and marijuana.

We start drinking together, and I’m like, ‘Okay, you’re just a cool mom,'” Bailee recalled.

Jelly Roll’s Daughter, Bailee, Goes Into More Detail About That Troubled Summer

But then, Bailee claims her mom introduced her to her “drug of choice.” The name of the substance was redacted from Bunnie’s podcast.

“Nobody knew except my mother, who manipulated me and convinced me to do [redacted],” Bailee said.

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Bailee described being in “an empty Dollar General parking lot” and feeling “Drunk as sh–” on the Fourth of July when he mom convinced her to try this drug.

And I wound up doing it, because she’s, like I said, manipulative,” Bailee said.

Bailee said she was “never sober” over the next few months she spent with her mom. Jelly Roll and Bunnie had no clue.

When Bailee returned home, they could tell something was wrong. Bailee knew she wanted to get sober, and she came to her dad and Bunnie for help. They gave her the support she needed, and Bailee also cut off contact with her mother.

Photo of Jelly Roll with his daughter, Bailee, and wife, Bunnie Xo
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Bunnie Expresses Horror Over Bailee’s Dangerous Past

Bunnie chimed in, saying how it “infuriates” her to think that Bailee’s mom knowingly put her in harm’s way.

“It infuriates me so much though, because what if that sh– had fentanyl in it?” she said. “What if she killed her own daughter? Would she have any remorse?”

Jelly Roll recently spoke in front of the U.S. Senate about the fentanyl crisis in the country. During his emotional testimony, he said:

Every single day I have to wonder, me and my wife, if today will be the day I have to tell my daughter that her mother became a part of the national statistic.”


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Bunnie’s podcast episode with Bailee will be released on Wednesday (February 21) but is currently available on her Patreon.

In the meantime, check out the video below to watch Jelly Roll sing with his daughter Bailee during a show in 2023. It’s clear how much he loves her!