Jelly Roll Forgets Something Important In Comical New Ad

Uber Eats / YouTube

Jelly Roll stars in a new ad from the Uber Eats’ “Don’t Forget” campaign

Rising star Jelly Roll flexed his acting muscles in a recent commercial for the mobile delivery service Uber Eats. In the video, Jelly Roll can be seen in the recording studio with his keyboard player alongside a bag of groceries.

Oh, Uber Eats has groceries now? I gotta remember that,” says the musician.

Jelly Roll shares a piece of advice in response. “You know, the best way to remember something is to just forget something.

What did you forget?” asks his colleague inquisitively.

The answer to that question becomes abundantly clear as the “Save Me” singer bites down into a fully peeled banana.

See the ad below! 

Jelly Roll’s Super Bowl Commercial Debut

The first installment of the Uber Eats “Don’t Forget” campaign featuring Jelly Roll was aired during the 2024 Super Bowl – the most-watched television event in the United States.

In the hilarious video, Jelly Roll unloads toiletries from a green Uber Eats bag into his bathroom medicine cabinet. As he catches his reflection in the mirror, the heavily tattooed musician exclaims in disbelief, “Did someone doodle on my face?

Jelly Roll shared the full version of the commercial and wrote:

“No clue who doodled on my face. Or how I ended up in a Super Bowl commercial.”

Watch it below!