Jesse James Decker Fires Back At Fan Who Calls Her ‘Irrelevant’ With Sassy Tweet

jessejamesdecker / Instagram

Anyone in the spotlight has no doubt experienced unwarranted opinions from trolls on social media. Unable to hold back her tongue following one particular tweet, Jesse James Decker fired back at a fan calling her and Chrissy Teigan ‘irrelevant’ with a sassy tweet.

“[Chrissy Teigen] is honestly just as irrelevant as [Jessie James Decker] to me. #Overrated #UnpopularOpinion,” wrote Twitter user Emily Parry.

Upon seeing the random act of Twitter violence, the country singer crafted a sassy response in attempt to shut the troll down, writing, “So irrelevant you had to take time out of your day to get on Twitter to tweet us about it.”

In addition to an out pour of love and support from her fans, the Twitter user tweeted back to the country singer with yet another unpopular opinion, writing in, “Wow just got a few hundred twitter notifications lol thanks [Jesse James Decker] Here’s another one for everyone: [Beyonce] is overrated too! #StirringThePot.”


Guess some people never learn.

Jesse James is married to NFL wide receiver Eric Decker, the happy couple expecting their third child together later this month.