Kane Brown’s Wife Posts Video Of 5-Month-Old Daughter Laughing

Katelyn Brown / Instagram

On October 29, 2019, Kane Brown and his wife, Katelyn, became first-time parents when their daughter, Kingsley Rose, was born.

When Katelyn announced her daughter’s birth on social media, she said she was “obsessed with [her] little family.”


It’s clear that Kingsley is the center of her parents’ world. They both share photos and videos of her on their respective social media profiles, giving fans the chance to watch her grow and learn.

Now that we’re in the first week of April, that means Kingsley just turned five months old. The little girl has continued to serve as a bright light for Kane and Katelyn in the midst of these dark times.

Within the past few weeks, Katelyn shared a photo of her, Kane, and Kingsley cuddling together in an outdoor hammock. In her caption, she wrote about how much she is treasuring family moments like the one captured in this picture.

…enjoying our family time,” she wrote.


Kane and Katelyn managed to capture another precious moment they’re sure to hold close to their hearts for the rest of their lives. Katelyn was happy to share that moment with her followers to give them a little source of happiness in an otherwise sad time.

The moment we’re speaking of was caught in a video Katelyn shared on social media. The video shows her holding now five-month-old Kingsley, who was dressed in an adorable leopard print outfit.

Katelyn started twirling Kingsley around in the kitchen, which clearly amused her. She started giggling while her mom kept twirling and giving her kisses on the cheek.

I love you,” Katelyn said affectionately while lifting Kingsley up in the air. How sweet is that?

You can watch the adorable video of Kingsley’s laughter below. We’re glad Katelyn chose to share this special moment with us, because it definitely brought a smile to our faces.