Keith Urban Interrupted In Middle Of Concert By Stage-Crashing Country Singer

TheseThreeW0rds YouTube Channel

Keith Urban‘s “Somebody Like You” is one of his most recognizable songs. It was such a smash that Billboard named it as the number one country song of the first decade of the century.

So you can bet the fans go wild any time Urban plays “Somebody Like You” at one of his concerts. Such was the case when he performed in San Antonio, Texas in 2016. But the main reason why they went so crazy isn’t what you expect.

A short video taken at the concert shows Urban as he started singing the signature opening of “Somebody Like You.” You could hear people in the crowd singing along and shouting the words loud and proud.

It turns out there was someone backstage who also wanted to belt out Urban’s mega-hit. Right in the middle of the song, Urban’s opening act Brett Eldredge came from out of nowhere, shocking the crowd in the process!

Then Eldredge took center stage and started singing “Somebody Like You” himself, and the crowd really went wild then. Clearly Urban was in on Eldredge’s plans to crash his concert, because he joined forces with him to sing part of the song as a duet.

Urban may not have been surprised by Eldredge’s random appearance, but the audience sure was! Tune in to the video below to see the moment for yourself.