Blake Shelton’s Top 5 Grand Ole Opry Moments

Flickr/Timothy Wildey

Blake Shelton’s impressive country music career spans fifteen years. He’s broken barriers, records, and has one of the hottest careers in country right now.

He has performed at the Grand Ole Opry quite a few times before he was a member, and as a member, is required to perform there a certain amount of times to maintain his membership.

Let’s take a look at Blake Shelton’s Top 5 Grand Ole Opry moments by clicking the button below!

5. “Gonna”

In one of Shelton’s most recent Grand Ole Opry performances, he sang his 2015 single off his ninth studio album Bringing Back the Sunshine.

The performance will have you tapping your toe to the beat and singing along!

4. “Ol’ Red”

Shelton proved that he belongs on the stage during his 2015 performance of his 2002 cover of the George Jones song “Ol’ Red”.

Telling the story of a prisoner who takes care of the guard’s dog, whom he calls Ol’ Red, he devises a plan to escape while Ol’ Red is busy with a female dog.

3. “Boys ‘Round Here”

In his first performance following his divorce from Miranda Lambert, Shelton managed to still have a good time performing his rowdy song “Boys ‘Round Here”.

He finished the awesome performance by heading off stage to take a shot with a pal.


2. Opry Invitation

After performing their hit “Hillbilly Bone” together on September 29, 2010, Trace Adkins took over the microphone to do something Shelton did not expect.

“Blake’s famous for the Twitter thing, you know, he’s always sending tweets,” he said. “Well, the Grand Ole Opry sent Blake a tweet tonight, look.”

“@blakeshelton, you’re invited to join the Grand Ole Opry! See you on 10/23/10,” the tweet read.

Shelton could not believe it! He gave Adkins a huge hug and thanked the crowd, after a few minutes of soaking it in.

1. Opry Induction

Shelton was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry on October 23, 2010.  He was surrounded by friends, family, and Grand Ole Opry legends.

“Blake’s a great addition to our establishment. Good to have him here,” Opry legend Little Jimmy Dickens said in the video.

“Tonight for me is the Nashville dream. Tonight is the pinnacle…this is the reason that you move to Nashville. If you’re me, this is what I wanted from the beginning,” Shelton said of his induction.