Kellie Pickler Shows Ellen Her Frog Impression In 2012 Interview

TheEllenShow / YouTube

The world first fell in love with the hilarious and humble spirit that is Kellie Pickler following her emotionally-charged audition on Season 5 of American Idol back in 2006. While the North Carolina-native only placed sixth on the singing series, she has managed to remain in the spotlight through her quirky antics and insane vocals.

While promoting her album 100 Proof in 2012, Pickler appeared on The Ellen Show, inevitably diving into a hilarious story. Recently returning from her one year wedding anniversary romantic getaway to St. Lucia with husband Kyle Jacobs, the country singer brought home a series of hilarious stories with her.

After giving the talkshow host “a little bit of Tennessee” in the form of moonshine, the charming country singer dove into their hilarious story about the trip. The first night of their trip took an unexpected turn after their room at the resort appeared to be infested with a bunch of “little critters.”

“I think there had not been anyone staying in that room the night before, and so they thought it was like the party house,” said Pickler. “There were frogs, the loudest little frogs I have ever heard.”

After admitting she isn’t very good at animal noises, Pickler attempted to imitate the bizarre frog noise that kept her up at night. Coming out as more of a screech than a ribbit, the adorable country singer immediately burst into laughter along with the rest of the audience.

You can watch the hilarious video below.