Kelly Clarkson Calls Out Fan On Twitter

Mark Sagliocco / Contributor / Getty Images

As celebrities go, Kelly Clarkson is as real as they come. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, or truly be herself for all to see. Unlike some famous people, you can tell that she actually does use her Twitter account and responds to fans, and other celebrities, quite often.

Recently, Kelly was scrolling through Twitter when a fan named Kiana Clark tagged her in a photo of her wedding.

“WE DID IT!” Kiana tweeted, accompanying a photo of her and her bride, Amanda.

The “Love So Soft” singer sent a congratulatory tweet, because the couple’s love story actually had a lot to do with her.

See, back in December 2016, Kelly was hosting a VIP event for her Miracle on Broadway show when she invited Kiana and Amanda up on stage with her. Amanda thought they were going to sing together, but Kiana had other plans – she got down on one knee and proposed to her girlfriend of over two years, and she said yes!

Now, almost two years later, Kiana and Amanda have finally tied the knot, and it’s all thanks to their favorite singer. As congratulatory tweets were flooding in for the couple, some fans were not so happy about this news because of the ladies’ sexual orientation.

Warning: Offensive language

A “fan” tweeted Kelly saying, “Sorry Kelly….love your music but I don’t dig the dikes…still a sin any way you cut it.

Kelly, knowing the couple pretty well, went on the defense and called this Twitter user out.

She wrote, “I almost didn’t respond 2 this because hate doesn’t deserve a spotlight but u know what, truth does, & the truth is that God is Love, & Love shared between two people should be praised not condemned in my personal opinion. I love u 2 although we see the world/love differently.”

Kelly has received hundreds of comments in response to what she said, some not all positive, but she stands by speaking her truth.

How do you feel Kelly handled this situation?